High Impact Consumer Insights


Linkfluence helps you understand your customers better. We combine AI with market research expertise to turn social data into impactful consumer insights.

Consumers have changed. It’s time for consumer research to change too.
Linkfluence brings market research into the social media age. By applying AI, data science and market research expertise to a live feed of global social data we can give you high-value consumer insights in real time, instead of waiting months for reports to be created.

  • Empower your marketing team with consumer insights
  • Create a clear view of consumer trends that impact you
  • Explore and analyze real-time data from social media
  • Tap into online conversations that are happening right now

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At Linkfluence social listening is just the beginning. Our platform constantly ingests huge volumes of data from social media, online news, and more, but it’s how we get insight from that real-time firehose of data that makes us different. Using AI, data science, and human expertise, our platform structures data intelligently to help you identify patterns and trends more easily.

Actionable insights for every use case throughout the brand lifecycle

Whether you’re a CMO, head of analytics, digital/social specialist, PR consultant, brand manager, or any other marketing professional, Linkfluence arms you with the intelligence you need:


  • Consumer Insight
    Get deep insight into consumer perceptions and behaviors instantly, whenever you need it, without waiting for expensive and time-consuming research studies.

  • Marketing 
    Our unified social data-stream gives you a single source-of-truth so you can measure campaign performance consistently across all activities and channels.

  • PR & Comms
    Keep a constant eye on your brand reputation, easily identify your most valuable advocates, and be the first to know about any potential reputational crisis.

  • Brand Management
    Understand how consumers view your brand and your competitors. Linkfluence gives you the complete picture of trends and opportunities in your industry.

Top Brands Trust Linkfluence
for Consumer Intelligence

Danone Customer Story
See how Danone uses Linkfluence to predict new food trends and deliver products consumer love


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