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Insight Pages Drive Consumer Intelligence Adoption

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One of the main challenges that brands face with consumer intelligence is adoption. At Linkfluence we often receive testimonials from brands that want to implement consumer intelligence programs but struggle to develop wider usage within their organization. 

The first reason for this is that we are not all data analysts that know how to slice and dice content to uncover smart consumer insights in order to understand our consumers, competitors and markets perfectly. 

However, adoption is one of the three pillars of social intelligence maturity. This maturity ensures brands make the most of social media data to get a deep understanding of their customers, competitors, and markets.

Consumer Intelligence Maturity Model

“To achieve real competitive advantage, we needed to ensure data is at the heart of everything we do. From marketing and consumer insights to IT, all departments must work closely together and leverage the power of data.” - Florence Rainsard, Global Consumer Insights Director at Pernod Ricard

Why is this important? 

Data is at the heart of the business. Making sure that data is available in real time, consistent, and relevant to all business divisions will ensure they can make informed decisions by understanding people at every stage of the consumer and shopper journey. It will allow brands to achieve customer-centricity and respond to their fast-changing customers’ expectations.

Insight Pages, the Linkfluence’s key tool to visualize and socialize insights 

A year ago, we introduced our brand new insight pages, a new approach to make consumer intelligence more actionable and integrated within the entire organization. 

But as we know, not everybody has data analytics skills. Moreover, marketers may not have the time to explore data, or to arrange the results in the format they need, never mind for the needs of the rest of the organization, such as senior executives, and other teams.

That’s why Insight Pages are so powerful. 

A unique way to shorten the path to insight on your main business use cases

Insight pages were created for your main recurring use cases, bringing instant insights to marketers or C-level executives that need deep intelligence to drive decision-making. 

Each Insight Page is dedicated to one of your business use cases, based on a methodology we’ve built that encapsulates years of consumer insight expertise in various industry verticals. From this experience with our many customers, we know which KPIs and metrics are most relevant and adapted to your specific business use case. 

This methodology can be applied thanks to the data structuring we offer our customers. This data structuring consists in organizing and structuring the raw data. It enables us to simplify and make the analysis more powerful depending on your business goals. 

For instance, if you are a Wine & Spirit company aiming to understand how and when your consumers use your products, to better engage them, we will organize for you billions of social media posts, revealing moments of consumption, such as: 

  • Vacation
  • Meal at a Restaurant
  • Student / Campus / College party
  • Happy hour
  • Beach
  • Tailgating / Sports
  • Birthday
  • Game Night
  • Wedding

Example of an Insights Page for an AlcBev brand.

A powerful builder wizard enabling you to create your own insight pages instantly

To help our clients quickly access insights, we’ve launched a builder wizard which can be used to instantly create an insight page that answers your most common use cases.

We have more than ten years of expertise delivering to our clients consumer intelligence. Based on this strong experience, we’ve built templates for Insight Pages that gather the most important KPIs and metrics for specific use cases. 

While creating a new Insight Page, you have the choice between creating one from scratch or using the configuration wizard to address one of the predefined use cases in Radarly. Today, Benchmark, e-Reputation, Customer Experience, Content and Campaign are available. Other templates will be implemented later in the year.

IP campaign - wizard

To generate your Insight Page, simply select the template of the use case you want to address and then you just fill out some basic information, like period of time or the brands you want to monitor and then your Insight Page is ready to go. Once created, the new page can be consulted, shared, and modified like any other page.

Customizable data visualization

In addition to bringing our experience in consumer intelligence in our Insight Pages, we also provide a powerful data visualization tool. 

It includes an easy-to-use editor so you can fully customize data visualizations, titles and texts to make your own. It provides an extensive list of cards with different areas of focus and metrics that you can use as building blocks.

  • Intuitive editor: whether you create your Insight Page through the template or from scratch, you can edit the Insight Page whenever you want. The editor is very simple to use. 
  • Library of ready-to-use cards and KPIs: we provide an extensive list of cards and KPIs to fine-tune your analysis.
  • Add annotations for the benefit of colleagues: to make your Insight Pages more powerful and impactful, you can add your own notes and titles to make them even more consumable by your colleagues and senior executives.

Screenshot of pre-made consumer insights widget library.

Shareable within the organization

Another big advantage of Insight Pages is that you can share them very easily! Your readers don’t need to have a Radarly account to access them. 

Several options are available to share your smart insights:

  • Share the page itself: if you want to offer real-time insights on a specific topic like a key topic monitoring, you can share the URL of your page, your readers will be able to see real-time insights whenever they need it.
  • Send an adhoc snapshot: the tool allows you to send a frozen version of your Insight Page like a report. It will encapsulate all your insights in a digestible format. This is very helpful when you want to send the final report of a campaign or when you need to send a benchmark report regarding your competition.
  • Send recurring snapshots: this option lets you send recurrent reports. It’s still a frozen version of your Insight Page that is sent weekly or monthly. This is helpful when you need to send recurrent reports about your performance (e.g. benchmark, or reputation).

Example of an insights page.

A concrete example of implementation

One of our clients, a major player in the Wine and Spirit industry, has started to use Insight Pages heavily in 2021. As part of their global strategy, they wanted to better analyze their brand performance against their competitors. They needed a strong understanding of their brand penetration in specific product categories.

Another big challenge was to globally standardize the way they analyze brand performance to make sure to have one single source of truth within the organization.

The Insight Pages were the solution, as they started to work on a single analysis framework, gathering the most important KPIs and metrics to evaluate their brand performance in the same way around the world so that, in a project where they need to measure the brand performance,  every person involved uses the same framework, providing a more consistent comparison.

This framework allows us to analyze:

  • The performance of a brand within a specific category of products (e.g. whiskeys)
  • The performance of the entire group within this category of products
  • The performance of a specific brand versus competitors

Today more than 300 insight pages have been implemented within the organization, boosting both usage and adoption. The cherry on the cake, these insight pages allow us to reach some new stakeholders within the organization like the top management as they can have a look at the brands performance at a glance with zero friction because no Radarly login is required to view those pages.

If you are interested in going deeper with Insight Pages and evaluating how you can implement this powerful tool within your organization, please contact your account manager or request a demo!

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