Privacy Policy for Users of the Site

Linkfluence (France) SAS is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of information and respecting privacy, and notably to complying with the provisions of the French “Data and Freedoms” law of January 6 1978 as amended and the General Data Protection Regulations (EU Regulation 2016/679) or the “GDPR”.

This policy is addressed to users of the site.

Linkfluence (France) SAS acts as the data controller for personal data processed in the course of use of the site. The identity and contact details of the data controller are:

Linkfluence (France) SAS

Simplified joint stock company

Recorded in the Paris RCS under number 491 601 936

Head office located in Raiselab, 18 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011, Paris.


(hereinafter “Linkfluence”).



Linkfluence collects and processes information from users of its internet sites available via the site  (hereinafter the “Site”).

In the course of using the Site, users’ Personal Data (defined in article 2) may be subject to processing for the following purposes:

  • To respond to your requests for information ; 
  • To send you, monthly, our newsletters, if you have registered; 
  • To provide a better experience when browsing and using the Site; 
  • To  track Site users;
  • To produce statistical studies.

Linkfluence only collects information that is appropriate, relevant and limited to that which is necessary with regard to the aims for which it is processed.

These aims are specific and legitimate, and in no circumstances will your information be processed at a later date in a way that is inconsistent with these purposes, unless your prior agreement has been given.



In order to meet your requests for information and send you our newsletters, the legal basis for the processing of your Personal Data is Linkfluence’s consent (article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR).

For other processing (identified in article 1) the legal basis for the processing of your Personal Data is Linkfluence’s legitimate interest (article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).



The personal data of users that is processed is  (hereinafter “Personal Data”) :

1/ that which is necessary to contact you 

  • Your identity (first name and surname) ;
  • Your contact information (e-mail address and business telephone number)
  • The identity of your company (name of the company for which you work)

2/ that which is necessary for use of and improvements to the Site 

  • The way in which you browse the Site;
  • Information relating to the equipment and devices used to access the Sites, notably the type of unit (office computer, laptop computer), the operating system, the type of internet browser, the identifier of the mobile unit and the mobile operating system, IP or MAC address.
  • Your search requests on the Site (where applicable) ;
  • Login information for the Site (where applicable) ;
  • The frequency with which you generate reports, and the type of subject concerned (where applicable) ;



Personal Data is addressed to Linkfluence and companies in the Linkfluence group.

Your Personal Data may also be sent to outsourcers working for Linkfluence within the framework of its activities (notably third party hosts) and to ensure the proper functioning of its Sites. Some service providers may be located outside the European Union. In this case,  Linkfluence will take the necessary measures to ensure the privacy and the safety of your Personal Data and will supervise said transfers in accordance with the regulations in force (notably by signing European Commission Standard Contractual Clauses). 

In accordance with the regulations in force, your Personal Data may also, where applicable, be sent to the competent authorities.



Personal Data for contact purposes will be kept for three years from the date of our last contact.

Personal Data enabling improvements to the Site will be kept for the time that is necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected.

Personal Data for Site login will be kept for a maximum period of thirteen months.



6.1. What is a cookie?


Cookies are information files identified by a name, stored on a terminal when you browse the Site, and which enable information to be collected. Your web browser keeps them for a certain length of time, and sends them back to the web server each time you reconnect to the Site. 

There are different types of cookies : 

 (i) First party cookies and third party cookies 

Cookies are “first party” or “third party” depending on where they come from. First party cookies are ones that are installed by the Site when you are browsing it. Third party cookies are cookies installed by a site other than the Site. When you visit the Site and another entity installs a cookie via the Site, that cookie is a third party cookie.

 (ii) Session Cookies 

These cookies enable Linkfluence to track your actions during the course of a browsing session on the Site. The browsing session starts as soon as you open the window on your browser and ends when you close that window.

Session cookies are temporary in nature. Once the browser is closed, all session cookies are automatically deleted.

 (iii) Persistent Cookies 

Persistent cookies stay on your terminal after the browser session has been closed and for a period that is specific to each cookie. They are activated each time you visit the Site.


6.2. What information is collected by Cookies ?

The information collected automatically by cookies includes, notably:

Information relating to your computer, your connection method, such as your internet browser type and version, the operating system on your mobile or tablet, as well as the unique device identifier and other technical identifiers;
The shortened IP address of your logins, including date and time, as well as the content that you have accessed.


6.3. What type of cookies are used on the Site and for what purposes ?

Different types of cookies are used on the Site for different purposes. Some are necessary to use the Site, other are optional, depending on your choices.


 (i)Strictly necessary technical cookies 

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the Site, they enable you to optimize your browsing on the Site and use its functionalities. Without these cookies you will not be able to use the Site properly. These cookies require only one piece of user information to be stored on the terminal and allow for no behavioral or identity tracking.

Name Sender Life span
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfduid 29 days
__cfduid 30 days
__cfruid Session
CONSENT 6100 days


  (ii) Preference cookies 

These preference cookies collect information about your choices and preferences and enable us to remember local parameters and, in consequence, to personalize the Site.

Name Sender Life span
lang Session
messagesUtk 1 year
(iii) Audience measurement cookies 

These cookies help to produce statistics on traffic and use of the various elements that make up the Site (sections and content visited,  route). These cookies are only stored on your terminal if you have specifically agreed to them.

Name Sender Life span
__hssc 1 day
__hssrc Session
__hstc 1 year
_ga 2 years
_gat 1 day
_gid 1 day
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress 1 day
_hjFirstSeen 1 day
_hjid 1 year
_hjid Persistent
_hjIncludedInPageviewSample 1 day
_hjTLDTest Session
AnalyticsSyncHistory 29 days
hubspotutk 1 year
 (iv) Marketing and third party cookies

The Site contains marketing cookies to perform visitor tracking. 

The Site contains shared links to third party sites. When you use these shared links, third party cookies are installed.

The Site also allows access to third party content, as part of which cookies may be stored.

Name Sender Life span
__ptq.gif Session
_fbp 3 months
_gcl_au 3 months
bcookie 2 years
bscookie 2 years
fr 3 months
ide 1 year
lang Session
lidc 1 day
pagead/1p-user-list/# Session
test_cookie 1 day
tr Session
UserMatchHistory 29 days
YSC Session
yt.innertube::nextId Persistent
yt.innertube::requests Persistent
yt-remote-cast-installed Session
yt-remote-connected-devices Persistent
yt-remote-device-id Persistent
yt-remote-fast-check-period Session
yt-remote-session-app Session
yt-remote-session-name Session
__widgetsettings Persistent

When you visit the Site for the first time, a banner will inform you that cookies are present and will invite you to make a selection. They will only be stored if you accept them. 


6.4. What type of cookies are used on the Site and for what purposes ?

When you browse our Site for the first time, you are informed via an information banner, that cookies are stored via the Site. 

You can set up cookies directly from the information banner. Storage of strictly necessary technical cookies is turned on by default, these cookies being essential for the functioning of the Site. You can turn on or off storage of other cookies that require consent to be given via the cookie banner. 

Turning off cookies triggers a refusal of storage of the cookie in question.

If you authorize storage of cookies on your terminal, the cookies contained in the pages and content that you have visited may be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on your terminal. They can be read from there only by their sender.



We take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety and privacy of the Personal Data processed.

Linkfluence has put into place, for all of the companies in its group, technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data from accidental loss,  destruction, deterioration, abuse, harm and unauthorized or illegal access.

Personal Data being confidential, Linkfluence limits access to it to those company workers or service providers who need it to carry out processing.

All persons having access to  Personal Data are bound by a non-disclosure agreement and face punishment if they do not comply with these obligations.

When we use outsourcers, service providers, or when we send Personal Data to partners, this communication is the subject of an agreement in order to ensure the protection of this information. 



You can access Personal Data about you, correct it, limit it or have it deleted. You have the right to refuse the processing of your Personal Data for legitimate reasons. You also have the right to transfer and the right to limit processing of your Personal Data.

You can, for example, unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

To exercise these rights, or for any question concerning the processing of your information in this context, you can contact our DPO.

Contact our DPO electronically: 

Contact our DPO by post :


To the attention of the Data Protection Officer 

Raiselab, 18 rue de la Fontaine au Roi,

75011 Paris.


If, after having contacted Linkfluence, you feel that your “Data and Freedoms” rights have not been complied with, you can send an on-line complaint to the CNIL.

It is up to you to inform your staff to comply with your obligations in terms, notably, of informing those persons concerned about the rights that they have in relation to the processing that is carried out.